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How We Bill. We know that the costs of lawyers are a major issue for most clients. We respond by focusing on the value we add and controlling our costs. Our overall fees are usually significantly less than those of a megafirm, with the savings that come from using experienced lawyers who work more quickly and effectively.

No Leverage. When you multiply the hourly rate of large law firm associates by the substantially greater time they require—both their own and that of the more senior lawyers—the cost can become extraordinary. Our bills can be significantly lower because we don’t charge you for the inefficiencies of inexperienced lawyers, and we don’t overstaff transactions.

No Hidden Charges. Unlike most firms, we do not charge for our overhead: our clients pay only our fees and any actual out-of-pocket costs. We don't add “costs”; copying, scanning and courier charges, if any, are billed to our clients at our cost, and are not a profit center.

Budgets and Billing. We respond to our clients’ needs to budget and control expenses with real estimates and timely communication on fees and costs. We work within agreed upon budgets to meet our clients’ needs.

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